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His Men Revealed Ministries is the drama ministry of Michael J. Ernst, which includes a series of presentations, programs and workshops. Mike makes characters come alive to present Christian messages and reveal men who have shaped our faith. His Men Revealed offers personalized programs for churches, schools and community organizations.

MIchael J. Ernst

In the past few years, Mike has concentrated on patriotic portrayals, but he has a variety of other characters as well, including John the Apostle, Abraham Lincoln, Will Rogers and "Woody Wander," a homespun comical character.

Mike has performed for churches, schools, community groups, political groups, fundraisers, prisons, conferences, seminars, special dinners, church camps and more! In July of 2011, he had the privilege of performing his Charles Carroll portrayal, "Charles Carroll, the Last One Standing," in front of Republican presidential primary candidate Michele Bachmann.

Please feel free to browse through Mike's various characters to see if one of them might be appropriate for your next event. You can also contact Mike and make a customized presentation that will fit your gathering's special circumstances.

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America, Did You Know?

America, Did You Know? by Mike Ernst

In Mike's most requested piece, "America, Did You Know?," Mike portrays Second President of the United States John Adams as he reveals America's Christian heritage. John Adams said, "The general principle on which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity."

Learn more about the presentation America, Did You Know? here.

From "America, Did You Know?...."

Charles Carroll, the Last One Standing...

Charles Carroll, the Last One Standing by Mike Ernst

In Mike's newest piece, he portrays the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence, Charles Carroll of Maryland. In "Charles Carroll, the Last One Standing," you will learn about this obscure Founding Father from Maryland. His personal story, including religious persecution, Congressional appointments, extreme wealth and notable danger, reveals a unique view of what the Founding Fathers intended for America.

Learn more about the presentation Charles Carroll, the Last One Standing here.

From Charles Carroll, the Last One Standing...

John Adams by Mike Ernst DVD

America, Did You Know? DVD

President John Adams reveals the truth about America's Founding Fathers and their beliefs.

Charles Carroll by Mike Ernst DVD

Charles Carroll, the Last One Standing DVD

The Last Living Signer of the Declaration of Independence tells about America's Christian Heritage.

Learn more about ordering DVDs of Mike's performances here.

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