Christian Drama Workshops

Would you like to feed your Drama Team?

Would you like to see your Youth or Children's groups excited about helping to “visualize” a message or sermon? Would you like to encourage your church- goers to participate in “illustrations?" To grow in their communication/ performance/ speaking skills? Those are some of the benefits your congregation might experience by taking part in the Acting Workshops I offer. My retirement from teaching has not deadened my desire to teach using such participation workshops.

Christian Drama Workshop

Whether selected by myself or chosen by you, the workshops can be aimed at your specific wishes. They might include such things as: Acting Techniques (“how do I do it?”); Scene/skit Preparation (“you mean rehearsing can make it better?”); Stage Movement (“don‘t just stand there!“); Character Development (“but how do I know what kind of person they are?”); Voice and Diction (“huh - be heard and understood?”); Stage Fright (“I am soooo nervous“); Scene Creation/Development (“We have no clue Pastor! We need a plan.”) Imagination (“Outside of what box?”); Improvisation (“You mean do it now?”); Auditioning Skills ( “Why am I never chosen“?).

Your Drama Team will love it! The workshops are fun, activity-packed for participation and provide a definite learning experience. Oftentimes a workshop session is scheduled to accompany one of the His Men Revealed presentations.

But what about the goal of all of this? The goal of all of the above is clear - to advance Jesus Christ via the arts. What a thrill! Whether the above workshops or one yet to be defined, they will be geared toward making your people “workers” for Christ: “The crowds . . . were like sheep without a shepherd . . . Then [Jesus] said, The harvests are plentiful but the workers are few . . . send out workers into the harvest fields” - Matthew 9:36-38

Do you ever deal with stage fright? Read Mike's excellent article on "Dealing with Stage Fright" here!

Some pictures of Mike's Christian drama workshops

Christian Drama Workshop
Christian Drama Workshop

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